Custom Bridal Earrings

Custom Bridal Earrings

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Let’s talk and make some custom bridal earrings whether they’re for you or your bridal party. Pricing is based on the different packages available and includes consultation, prototypes, and some revisions. Please know that since these are custom so it could take a while (2-6 weeks) for sourcing depending on different findings.

Package 1: Earrings for the bride

Package 2: Earrings  for the bride +1-3 bridesmaid earrings

Package 3: Earrings for the bride + 4-8 bridesmaid earrings 

Package 4: Earrings for the bride + 9-15 bridesmaid earrings 

Package 5: Bridesmaid earrings (1-3 pairs)

Package 6: Bridesmaid earrings (4-8 pairs)

Package 7: Bridesmaid earrings (9-15 pairs)