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The shop is handmade and carefully curated with small quantities to keep your jewelry and gifts unique. Over here we are influenced by nature, simplicity, with a dash of bold.


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  • Small Steps

    With small quantities means we put more thought into our products and packaging to make sure we're not wasteful. We try to use every bit of small scraps and every drop of resin to make product. We try to source products that are FSC certified, sustainable or next to sustainable, as well as make sure all packaging is easy to dispose of, easily recycled, or reusable.

  • Doing Good

    Here at Kaolee Shop we are advocates to shop small, support locally, support communities that need support, and to uplift creatives and create community amongst one another. Quarterly we make donations of money, product, and time to different organizations locally to support women who are victims of sexual assult, families who need a little assistance, AAPI and BIPOC communities.

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